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“Owl House” – the anticafe at Rizhskaya Metro station. Comfort is waiting for you here.

+7 (985) 556-17-75

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Photos of the time - cafe with owls in Moscow

“Owl House” – the anticafe at Rizhskaya Metro station. Comfort is waiting for you here. But above all meeting with our owls is going to take place! We are the first owl anticafe in Russia. You will have a great opportunity to communicate with our owls and spend time with them. Moreover you will have a chance to feed them!


Owl House works in anticafe format. It is a special area, where our guests can communicate, play board games, work or just relax. The specialty of our anticafe consists of its feathery “owners”. Our owls are specially adapted to communicate with a human. Each owl has its own character, temperament and can appear to be an excellent companion during your stay in our antistress cafe.

Reservation Visit discount

You do not pay for drinks or biscuits in our anticafe. They are included in the cost of your visitation. The cost is calculated per minute. In addition it is necessary to purchase an owl card. You can learn more information about this in the section PRICES. We have special offers for those, who is going to spend the whole day in our inticafe (Stop cheque) and for those, who want to visit us regularly (Monthly subscription).


  • See owls, observe their behavior and get to know them better
  • Take pictures of our owls. Photo shoot is also possible (at extra cost)
  • Play board games (there are both for children and adults)
  • Have a rest with friends
  • Work (we have free Wi-Fi)
  • Buy souvenir production to remember
  • Visit us during the movie nights and enjoy watching documental films. We announce this information beforehand

Owls are the symbol of wisdom. They are predatory birds with an unusual appearance. They are glad to meet our guests, but we ask you not to forget that our “Owl House” is not a petting zoo, but the anticafe. Owls do not love sharp sounds, loud noise and light flashes. It is not allowed to come with your animals. Communication should be pleasant, kind and safe both for our owls and our guests. Thus there are several rules of behavior that is required to comply.

You are always welcome! Communication with owls will give an unforgettable experience both for adults and children. This will fill you with love and kindness and cheer you up. Visit us, our location is within walking distance to the Rizhskaya Metro station!


What can be better than staying with owls and your close and native people in private? You can celebrate your Birthday, corporate party and any other event. You can rent the Owl House (the cost of the first hour is 10,000 RUB, every next hour costs 5000 RUB).

What is included here:

Owl cards are given for free
You can decorate the location beforehand and we are ready to help you with this
You will have your own owl expert who will tell you everything about owls
There will be a photograph and you can purchase photos for extra charge
Everyone will able to feed owls
* Appeals are accepted only by mail



Dear Friends! Our basic principle is to create the most comfortable conditions for our owls and guests! All our owls were bred in captivity. Thus the adaptation for communication with the people was carried out with them. We work under the patronage of the state veterinary service and all our Owls pass medical examinations and get necessary vaccination in proper time. Consequently, they are healthy and not dangerous to humans.

You are always a welcome guest in our Owl House. But also we are responsible for those who were tamped. For this reason we ask you to take our obligatory rules seriously and with understanding:

Jackets must be deposited in the courtroom; all mobile phones must be switched to silent mode or switched off.
Do not leave children unattended; hold a child’s hand.
Children younger than 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The child’s relationship with the owls needs adult supervision.
Do not frighten owls by making shouts or sharp sounds; touch animals gently.
The administration of the Owl House doesn’t bear any responsibility for individual allergic manifestations.
Visitors who have caused damage to the owl are obliged to pay the departure of the veterinarian and the cost of treatment of the owl in full amount.
The administration has the right to refuse to provide services without any explanation.
During your communication with the owls do not forget that our animals are alive and they may feel fear and pain too. Any owl despite the fact
that it is fluffy and affectionate has claws and a beak.

That’s why it is strictly forbidden:

*to make noise and different sounds;
*to touch the owls while they are sleeping;
*to make sharp movements, run and jump;
*to give the owls your own products;
*to tease and scare the owls;
*to bring your face close to the owls;
*to take pictures of the owls with photoflash;
*to visit the Owl House with your animals;
*to drink alcohol and smoke;
*to visit us under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
* to break and to lean on the constructions in the hall;
*to touch the owls with your palm (it’s greasy)


These rules are a public offer.


We are open every day without holidays from 11a.m. to 23p.m.
Our telephone number: +7 (985) 556-17-75
Address: Moscow, Prospekt Mira street 79, building 2 (Metro station – Rizhskaya)

How to get to us from the metro station:

1. Go out from Rizhskaya Metro station
2. Now you see the underground passage, you go down into it and move forward right to the end.
3. Turn right and move forward until the first left turn
4. Now you can see the building, this is Prospekt Mira 97
5. You just have to enter it through the black gates